Posted in Flagyl on November 30, 2016

So leading things first, my grandma is doing less ill, and should be out of the rehab knack in a few days and back in her room. She’s going to need to depart using a walker with a situate on it, which is going to be hard for her emotionally, but it last ~ and testament help her a lot. 

Second, I tried positive for c diff this morning. So now I know why my stand has been hurting so much the beyond few days, but now I’m moreover in isolation. I’m not certain what they’re going to make, because Dr M said yesterday that I restrain have some infection around my G-hollow cylinder, and with c diff they usually obstruct the antibiotic. It’s usually treated by flagyl and vanco,  but vanco is the person that gave me hives a not many days ago. I’m very upset and worried. 

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