Posted in Flagyl on November 12, 2016

Ok I notion Lyme sucked, and I thought my TIA sucked. But this C. Diff battle is pique things to new heights.

And for what cause ironic is it that I am common of the few Lymies that don’t think long term antibiotics is the liquefaction, at least not for myself. So posterior the first six years of going forward them then going off again I took a besides natural route and only did homeopathic or alternative treatments.

So skip ahead to my C. Diff actual trial…

Well about a month ago I went to my cousin’s bridal. While I was there I accomplished what I call one of my “Lyme episodes.” I turn over to kiss my little granddaughter steady the head and then the I got a matted like feeling in my head. Everything went hoary and then when my vision came back my sight wouldn’t “hold still.” I can’t say vertigo as it wasn’t indispensably spinning. You know how when you watch CNN and the information scrolls by really fast at the base of the screen and if you try to seem away you can still see it? Well it’s kinda like that. It’s like anything soever I am trying to look at is persuading, even thought it’s not.

So my father brought me back to the tavern room I was staying at. I sat in single in kind position all night trying not to agitate, trying to hold my vision di~atory. It makes you really dizzy.

Usually these episodes behest affect me for about a light of ~. After a week of not acquirement better, I asked my son admitting that he would drive me to the ER whither they said I probably have an inner ear infection, even though  my h~ing looked clear. They put me up~ the body four meds, steroids, Clindamycin, Metclizine and Zofran.

If solely I had known then what I be aware of now.

Up to 30% of rabble who take Clindamycin get C. Diff from it. The learned man had given me a script on the side of seven days. After five days ~ward it I felt “toxic.” I fair-minded stopped it on my own judgment it was just too strong ~ the sake of me. Please read: Clindamycin Can Cause Disastrous Diarrhea

About couple weeks later it started. I started having diarrhea a leash times a day. At the time my selfish two year old granddaughter that I live by was also having diarrhea and I honest thought I had caught a bug from her.  A conjoin days went by and she got improved in health, I got worse.

It got in the same state bad I could not leave the bathroom. There were two nights I literally sat in the bathroom tolerably much the whole time from 10pm to 6am. Not gentle when sharing a bathroom with three other the community. The diarrhea turned from normal diarreha to vital current and mucus. The cramps were cruel. It honestly reminded me of labor, while you get that pain and solicit to push, only there was zero left of push out. My unimpaired abdomen just endlessly burned and cramped and had a “replete swollen” feeling.

I got so unsound and weak that I asked my son to take me back to the ER anew. They told me I must bring forth a bug, but my heart set a value on was high and I was dehydrated thus they gave me one iv of fluids, afterward sent me home. The next early part I called my doctor and asked whether or not she could give me a seat sample test. I thought maybe I had giardia. I didn’t’ strange to say think about C. Diff at this time in the manner that I hadn’t taken long name antibiotics or had any long bound stays at a nursing home or hospital where I had heard of others acquirement it.

But the next day my savant emailed me and told me I had assayed positive for  C. diff and there was a script of Flagyl session at the pharmacy for me. I took the Flagyl and on the third day started to touch some relief. I felt so abundant better that I was able to be of service with when my new granddaughter was born. I felt proper for about three days after that and al~ it was all behind me.

But in consequence it hit again. I woke up in the aurora and had a stomach ache. I account I was in denial and kept rational it couldn’t be coming back. But ~ the agency of nighttime I knew. I tried craft my doctor but she was gone uncovered of town and had no back up savant so I headed to the ER one time again. They put me on brace more weeks of Flagyl.

I am near to a week into it and soooo distempered. I feel weak, and shaky and hazy and not normal at all. I have the consciousness of being toxic or poisoned.

I am looking into total natural treatments too. I read a protuberance of patient forums that have helped guide the studies of me about some alternative treatments that doctors would none recommend and I am going to try it. I pleasure post updates here as I approve. I know there are a al~ of others out there suffering from this in addition.

The things I’m trying are: Oil of Oregano, vit C, probiotics, kefir, protein drinks with enzymes, charcoal, clay, turmeric, essential oils and barley irrigate.

We are wiping and sterilizing everything by bleach and hospital grade Clorox whiten. For those of you that don’t know, alcohol and other disinfectants accomplish NOT kill C. Diff.

C Diff is in reality a lot like Lyme. It forms biofilms and spores which time faced with antibiotics and waits til it’s strong box to rear it’s ugly lead and turn into infecting bacteria another time. It can live on surfaces towards months, some articles say years. ONLY BLEACH KILLS IT. And but also bleach has to be on it as being at least three minutes to exist affective, some articles I read declared six.

If you have been from one side this and have any suggestions please express them below. Not just to aid me but to help anyone study of books this. This is one scary disorder. Lyme was bad enough,  this is workmanship me feel like I’m going to die. I be able to’t eat, I’m so sleazy, I have horrible anxiety, I be possible to’t sleep and I live in trepidation of giving this to someone besides now.

Here is a collection of C. Diff Forums, and other treatments that I have collected.

Read some where this might happen due to clogged pores that the nutri ox shampoo cleans off.