Posted in Flagyl on December 22, 2016

This was the busiest autumn I have ever had.
My daughter and I booked into independent art/craft fairs, meaning lots of coloring, printing and framing.  I  helped her offer for consideration into her dream house, a delectable Victorian built in 1891,
and helped pack up to move out of her antecedent home.

My husband and I had a grievous trip to Maine with dear friends.
And, greatest in number wonderful of all, our son got matrimonial!

Everything was flying along right steady a schedule when I slipped attached my stairs while carrying boxes.  Down I went,THE WEEK OF THE WEDDING,and shattered my protuberance blade.

Yes, of course my straight shoulder blade.

I made it through the Rehearsal Dinner and the fine wedding.

There I am with my trustworthy sling and my wonderfully helpful save.

Surgery was the following week.  I things being so have a plate and screws holding me simultaneously.
While I can’t paint beneficial to quite some time and have a al~ment of physical therapy ahead of me,
I am very grateful.
It could have been a fortune worse.

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