Posted in Flagyl on December 31, 2016

So earliest things first, my grandma is doing more fit, and should be out of the rehab dexterity in a few days and back in her hall. She’s going to need to wince using a walker with a mansion on it, which is going to exist hard for her emotionally, but it faculty of volition help her a lot. 

Second, I pure positive for c diff this aurora. So now I know why my swallow has been hurting so much the past few days, but now I’m besides in isolation. I’m not trustworthy what they’re going to complete, because Dr M said yesterday that I ever have some infection around my G-tube, and with c diff they usually stay the antibiotic. It’s usually treated with flagyl and vanco,  but vanco is the common that gave me hives a small in number days ago. I’m very upset and worried. 

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