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Flag of Peru  Ayacucho, Ayacucho Region, Peru
Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ayacucho. A jewel hidden in the mountains of Peru.

The climate is sub tropical, so the encounter and sustain is always pleasant…..well, except whenever the wind borderlines a storm….soon afterward the electricity goes out! Which I qualified on day one, when Rhanja and I decide to accept on the city tour bus.

We visited a museum that was completely mysterious – it was almost like the concept “eating in the dark”, just with museums. Hahahaha… Should call it “experienced rocks in the dark”. It was a farcical experience, walking around with the mentor and her flashlight illuminating pictures, ceramic….and bones. The perambulation also took us to a aptitude market area where we got each introduction to the craft of adamant carving.

The town isn’t full, and we stayed close to Plaza de Armas …

. The central adjusted. It is a very nice and ~-handed plaza – I really liked it. People walk encompassing, getting to or from work, kids attached their way to school in their uniforms, or up~ the body their lunch break. This is a local town….not a tourist town. It gave it a remarkably special charm and different rhythm and defeat than what you experience in Cusco because example.

School kids walk around afflicting to find foreigners that they be able to interview in English. It’s with equal rea~n charming, seeing them building up the spunk to come over and ask allowing that they can interview you. They perpetually come in groups of 3-5….person kid interviews, and the others video chronicle it or stands mesmerised following the dialogue. One time, I was sitting on a balcony cafe on the plaza and sententious precept some kids below looking up. I waved at them and they gestured by paper that they would like to meeting me, so I invited them to come up. They were so happy!

This actual observation made me think straight away, attached day one, that this town truly wants its kids to learn English, in the same state why not try to get into a control to experience an English class. Well….indubitably, it is not as simple for the re~on that just knocking on the door. First institute I found had a big courtyard where the kids were playing and a conduct was sitting my the fence. He was extremely kind, but couldn’t let me in for the re~on that the principal was out for luncheon

. I could come back later – goal at that time I would exist on the tour bus….I purpose, perhaps tomorrow.

That was a chief school. Then I went to a seminary of learning and tried to talk with the management of an estate, they too were out for luncheon, but would be back soon. When I returned I plant the office and was greeted ~ means of two very suspicious women. To their tower of strength, I hadn’t prepped a great number for what I would say, and perchance I came across as being shrill on my horse, strutting in declaring that I would like to adhere to an English class. Okay, I could accept been more humble….but the mode of dealing they looked at me – like I was from another planet, and that I didn’t belong and shouldn’t deem I was better than them….that didn’t be moved good. So when they said that I could return later when the principal had returned….I didn’t actually feel like it.

Fate would be under the necessity it, that the tour bus ended at a viewpoint across the city. At this viewpoint a graduating denomination class was taking photos. When they apothegm me…..the tall blonde stranger, they came charging! Selfie time, assign places to pictures, more selfies…. Laughter….smiles….perturbation.

They were sooooo adorable

. So filled of life… open and impressionable… up~ the verge of starting for them.

I grabbed the hazard to try once more. I asked them whether or not I could come visit them at their institute. I think I made their year by that comment….hahahaha. They got thus excited. Then I saw their professor or chief….I don’t really know. So from previous experience, I took the humble advance and asked him if it would be possible to come by the institute. At first he wasn’t thrilled. But the kids permanent made him say yes! They begged and pleaded to the time when he gave in. I still express gratitude them for that.

Their next English rank would be Friday afternoon, in sum of ~ units days. So they gave me the consign and I promised to come.

I wearied the next couple of days right chilling in the town. Walking to the emporium, having a juice, sitting and interpretation on a bench in the adjusted. Just really enjoying a few able days after the hardship of Cusco. Getting not present from the rush of travel, of other tourists, of the affection of being alone.

I tried to take it everything in…..being present with myself, by the people who would come up and recite hi

. One time I came over a language school and thought, wherefore not go for it? So I went intimate and had a very nice babble with the owner, Orlando Roman Ochavano. We talked ready the possibilities of teaching in the thorp and at his school. He before-mentioned that it doesn’t pay sufficiency to teach at the language discipline, but that it is possible to mingle with teaching at a regular exercise. The school year starts in March. I suspect I will go back there to give instruction to….but I might go back because of a visit.

Friday came along and I wasn’t melting good. My body was tired, my inclination was acting up….I felt a not much hot…. But I had promised to be of use to the school, so I pulled myself simultaneously … And honestly, I can’t remember that I be in possession of ever been so happy to ignore emotion bad!

I found a motorbike who was dropping off another girl, and asked if he could take me to the admonish. It goes a lot faster forward one of those than in a car…..commerce stoppers. Hahahah.

I arrived a scarcely any minutes to 4pm and told the three feet monitor man that I had an appointment with the principal. He gestured towards a building across the yard and while I walked athwart, surrounded by kids playing, running in a circle, kicking balls from one end to the other….I smiled, for the cause that there was so much happiness and zeal around me. Yes, I got more stares, but only stares of sight and the boldest kids came up and declared “Hello”.

In the reception area of the highest office I was greeted by a indulgent woman that turned out to be the English teacher

. Again, I was crush and thanked her letting me join her rank. She seemed happy to have me in that place. We walked to the class and I started recognising kids from the viewpoint. Their eyes lit up perception me there….I think they were doubting whether I would show up. It made me highly happy to see that they were there anticipating me.

We entered the class and all the kids greeted their teacher in English: Good afternoon, teacher. She had an intern working there too, who helped wanting. Her English was okay.

What surprised me was that in relation to the greeting, the teacher walked to the back of the classroom and gestured by reason of me to start teaching! Huh? Me….teaching…. I had thought I would appropriate be listening in, perhaps talking a illiberal with the kids. But here I was, estimation in front of a room well stocked of anticipating kids at the maturity of about 14 years old. All eyes were forward me….the girls giggled and the boys …. Well, they were core boys.

Okay then…..teacher Elise. They got the exceedingly light introduction to the history of Elise. They understood ut~ of what I said, what they didn’t got explained. Then I opened up on account of questions. They had learned to solicit basic questions, like: Do you like…..what is your favourite…

. But it took time according to them to formulate and also to form up the courage.

It surprised me that the boys were other fearless and just jumped in and tried to inquire. It happened that I didn’t interpret….and it killed me a tiny….because they really tried. But I could perceive by the ear that they don’t listen to plenteous “proper” English – there is a dense accent and wrong pronunciation. But they had frolic and I got to come up through answers to favourite colour, favourite nourishment, family questions….and the obvious “Why aren’t you conjugal?”…. Being a 35 year old woman in Peru and not existence married is odd….I felt a small quantity like a unicorn – hahahaha.

Then human being of the sweet sweet girls asked me to carol a song. What?! I don’t hum. So I turned it around and asked her…..and she did! She sang a Rihanna descant and it sounded okay. When singing the modulation of voice was better and she had a strict voice. It made me smile from head to ear. So fearless. In Denmark, that would in no degree happen….at least not when I was a young goat of 14 years.

All of a abrupt they started moving the tables surrounding, making space in the middle of the classroom. They enjoin on music on a small stereo – local music. Music used for when they frisk a traditional dance. Two of the boys are function of a dancing group, so they gave a niggard show. I had seen that complacent of dancing being practiced in brass of churches. But to experience someone dancing upright for me! What a joy!

Well… that case they stopped and one of the boys, Jimmy, started dancing from over the room and came towards me doing that which they do in the dance….obviously it was a gesture for me to join him

. He was asking me to measured movement! That made me very shy! Nooooooo……I smiled, on the contrary shook my head.

To my surprise and pap astonishment…..he tried again! Starting past….he didn’t feel rejected, didn’t suffer sad, didn’t crawl away being of the cl~s who a hurt animal….nope….he went instead of it again….in front of the whole of his friends! I was mesmerised – these kids acquire so much guts, full of self secret….I was amazed……and I would have existence a jerk for saying no two times. So yes, I joined him dancing this real dance.

It made everyone laugh! I had no idea what I was doing….unless I stomped around, twirling, clapping…hard to mimic Jimmy. Then I made some of the other kids join in and turned the “poetry of motion.” around to a circle dance…..proper like Arafath did in Cali! When you dress in’t know the dance….turn it into a clump dance! So a big thanks to Arafath during teaching me how to get gone ~ of an uncomfortable dance.

When the class was over, the kids once again wanted fotos….and fotos and videos was taken for the period of class also. But we did it anew. Then they asked if wanted to mode to the zoo with them the appointed time after, Saturday. Sure, why not. They moreover invited me for their excursion to the brake the week after, but that was a grain too much

. I thought it should be arranged through the school.

Then the pastor asked if I could join her in another class….of cause. So I did any other introduction…..but not without being followed to the renovated class by two very classy gentlemen boys who took harvested land of my arms and walked me by pride 3 doors down the unendowed college . It made the other kids cachinnation, and I smiled all the mode of dealing….jokers.

The new class wasn’t because good at English, so the questions were not many and far in between. The class ended, and they also wanted fotos….

The school-dame walked with me out and asked admitting that I could come back Monday, ~-end my plan was to leave Sunday….we saw the bus towards downtown leave previous to our eyes. I said it was okay, I would discover a taxi….so I started walking. No taxies….in the same state I walked a little more on the ground the road – then a car pulled c~ing. It was the teacher with her kindred whom had come to pick her up. They offered me a ride. I accepted, and her son of hind part before 3 years old went in the brass, to sit on her lap fabrication room for me in the back nearest to her mother and her brother.

Jimmy had invited me to arrive see a dance show he would have ~ing in that night down town….for what cause not. It turned out to have ~ing yet another practice – but it was fun to see two boys I knew dancing about. I didn’t stay for it every one of…..I was hungry and tired.

Saturday first blush of the ~….really not feeling good. But I had promised to avaunt to the zoo

. When do I learn not to recite yes to everything?

Got myself abroad of bed and found another motorbike to take me to the govern to meet up with the kids. It turned audibly to be me and 8 kids. Yan, person of the boys found a taxi…..and decayed station car that agreed to take us every one of! So 6 kids went into the backseat, and 3 in the back of the car….it felt like person of those YouTube videos with 30 populate riding one bike.

The zoo was excessively poor and most animals were hiding in the dusk. I started to feel worse and worse. Had bought a bottle of supply with ~ at the entrance, but it was but a 1/2 litre, and the sun was strong and coming down earnestly on us. Even the kids were murmuring a little. At times I felt like I had to dejected….but I didn’t want to give in.

One of the boys came to my extricate when he wanted to leave….with equal rea~n we decided to go downtown. I had to pass there anyways. They wanted to pay with a view to the taxi….but they had paid conducive to the one getting us to the zoo over….they seemed to want to pay conducive to everything for me – so loving and giving. But I didn’t requirement them to spend their money attached me, so I told them that grant that they all came up with every English question before we made it downtown I would let them pay

. They did not achieve close to making it….

Then they asked whether or not they could see where I lived…..I didn’t fall upon anything wrong with it. Most of them wish never left Ayacucho, probably never seen a hostel….in such a manner when we made it to the hostel I asked the reception, what one. was the adult son of the possessor, if it was okay for the kids to wait upon where I stayed. He said okay and we went up to my swing. I got more water, and we talked a mean….I asked about their plans with respect to university.

Finally they left and I crawled into em~. Took my temperature later, it was 38.3. I was fine ~ miserable! Shaking, freezing, being hot….cephalalgy…..sorry for myself. My stomach was too acting up….so I think I had a combo of dehydration from the light (hadn’t been good at tippling water….and as I was told ~ dint of. my father later, in the elevation I should be drinking 4-5 litres a sunlight….I was perhaps drinking 1-2), and too possible bacteria in my stomach, workmanship me go to the toilet all the time (other reason for dehydration)….

I needed diet and water – and for the primitive time on the trip I wished someone was in that place to take care of me. But I was alone. So had to breed myself out of bed and to the ~ up.

Bought yogurt, crackers, chips (apparently muriate of soda is good when dehydrated) and moisten. Then went back and stayed the nearest 12 hours in bed.

I didn’t requirement to be alone. Needed to have existence around someone… I thought on the eve what friends I had around – and person friend came up who I would be enamoured of to spend some more time by. Nelson from Arequipa. Luckily, he had some time off, so we agreed to join in Ica … A nights travel as antidote to both of us.

I bought a ticket beneficial to Sunday night.

What made me smile in Ayacucho: The kids! Awesome, confusing, loving kids!

Word from the fault: What a different a place can make

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