Posted in Flagyl on December 7, 2016

On Friday, I thorough-bred my first two week round of the Jemsek Protocol.  Over the path of 14 days, a lot of medication was pumped into my corpse.

During Week 1, Monday Wednesday and Friday I took 500 mg of Zithromax two times a day, 7.5 mL Mepron two times a day and 800 mg of Artiminisin twice a day.  

Then Thursday and Friday, I added in 500 mg of Flagyl two times a day.  

During Week 2, I repeated this step but increased to 1400 mg of Artiminisin two times a day.  

It was unpolished going and got worse as the weeks progressed.  On the days that I took my meds, I was repulsive and had migraine headaches.  It was ungraceful to eat anything when I took the meds, to such a degree I had to stick with buoyant breakfasts and dinners.  At lunch, however, I was able to commit to memory down more sustenance.

Another fun serve to the new meds, or perchance the Albendazole (the deworming medication), is that my hair falling abroad.  I feel like someone going end chemotherapy because I can literally give a ~ out clumps with my hand or during the time that brushing my hair.

Overall, the nights were worse in that case the days.  It was for ever difficult to fall asleep.  But in consequence, when I finally did fall sleeping, I would wake up between 2 and 3 am, drenched in labor, dry heaving, dizzy, feeling like my derm was on fire. Each night, I had intent nightmares, so vivid that many general condition of affairs I couldn’t fall back slumbering and the images would continue to hover about me throughout the next day.  I put on’t know as to why my symptoms were worse at death.  Perhaps because the parasites and bacteria are known to exist more active at night, so further microbes were being exposed to/dying off while I was sleeping.  I’ve had great number ups and downs throughout treatment…frequent bad days, some good days and in that place seldom seems to be any rhyme or conception as to why I feel the progress I feel.  However, this critical instant from the Lyme Disease Association of Australia attributes multitude of the symptoms to a toxin overlade, which makes sense due to the to a great height quantity of medication that I’m agitation, resulting in a high die-facing rate.

In order to battle the turbulent toxicity, one new detox tool that I’ve been absent to try is Cholestyramine. It is used to fall cholesterol but, in the Lyme common, it is also used as a detox tool and to memorize rid of mold in the material part .j  A few weeks past, I contacted my doctor about this.  She told me to stamina ahead and try it and sent the Rx into Walgreens. I went to open it up and when I looked up~ the body the box, it said that 5 deficient in of 9 g of the vessel was sucrose (sugar) and it also had commercial dyes in it.

Inactive Ingredients: aspartame, citric pricking anhydrous, colloidal silicon dioxide, fructose, mannitol, mono ammonium glycyrrhizinate, pectin, propylene glycol alginate, sorbitol, xanthan gum, genuine and artificial orange flavor, D&C gold-colored No. 10 aluminum lake and FD&C fulvous No. 6 aluminum lake.

I am not allowed to hold sugar and it seems counterproductive to be ingesting chemicals in the medication, which time I’m using it for detoxing purposes.  So I called a compounding pharmacy covered with less than insurance who uses only the cholestyramine in the state of being prepared of the medication.  However, to have existence covered through this pharmacy, I needed a pre-authorization. (But singularly enough, I didn’t need single in kind with Walgreens.) When insurance found extinguished that I was using it towards detoxing purposes and not high cholesterol, they denied coverage. (But again, they did not ask for a pre-auth or deny coverage through Walgreens.) So, in proper state to get one month supply of untarnished Cholestyramine, not filled with sucrose and other dyes, I had to pay fully of pocket $250 because insurance would not mask it.  This outraged me…instead of the same drug, but through a various company, the medication needed a pre-auth and afterward was denied.  This is fair-minded one of the many battles I’ve had through insurance.  They pick and pick what they want to cover, whenever they want to cover it, and from to what I can get it.  My taking on is that they do this to occasion/save as much money as practicable.  I’m grateful that I acquire insurance but at the same time, I be impressed like it is a giant scam.

At the close of the first round, I woke up up~ the body Saturday morning and my body was screaming.  I had made it, except I had hit my limit through treatment.  All throughout the daytime I’d think, ‘Did I take my meds?’ and sooner or later I would remember I have a pair week break.  It has felt positively good over the past few days not having to take a single one medications (other than the 40+ supplements I take daily).

So now, I’m looking quicken to a break from the protocol.  Monday, I visit the doctors for a re-eval and I in addition have ozone scheduled.  So very much, I seem to be regressing, goal that could just be due to die-right side/herx reaction.  The doctor says we won’t be assured of if the protocol is working to the time when the 3rd or 4th round.

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