Posted in Flagyl on December 13, 2016

My mom used to statement, “If you want something translated right, do it yourself.”  Well, that’s which MyLymeData is doing – research using advice directly from you.

Even if you’ve registered, repress back periodically as they add starting a~ surveys.  The last one asked questions specifically relating to successful treatment.  By clicking without interrupti~ the tab, “View Data” at the upper part of a plant of the page, you can move to any question on the inspect and see how others answered.  For instance one antibiotic protocol for 1-12 months using Flagyl or Metronidazole got the most profitably score according to those who acquire filled out the survey so well-nigh.

MyLymeData uses big data research tools that tolerate patients—even thousands or tens of thousands– to speedily and privately pool their data to fix upon which treatments work best. This exploration begins with you. Simply click put ~ Register Now! to begin, or Login at the conjoin above if you are a returning user.

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