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Back in roughly 2007, I managed to acquire a clostridium difficile taint. It’s a really serious contagion, usually preceded by antibiotic exposure, and it be able to often can lead to death grant that not treated. In my case, it mainly started out with flu symptoms, on the contrary gradually led to me being hospitalized because a few days due to destruction of fluids.

Once being discharged from the hospital, I was prescribed flagyl to war the c. diff infection. I did single or two rounds of that more than a month or two, but unfortunately stop tested positive for c. diff. at the expiration of it. Since the c. diff wasn’t in reality responding to flagyl, I was prescribed vancomycin, which at the time was one of the last lines of defence for most bacterial infections. I did particular rounds of that over the course of a few more months, and thankfully eventually pure negative for a c. diff contagion.

Unfortunately after all of that, I was left with a really fragile digestive system. Often I would consider to go to the bathroom this moment after eating, or unfortunately would often have to hover near a costume during the day just in condition I had to go to the bathroom free from much notice. I remember one street trip in particular where I knew I sole had about 30 seconds to become to the bathroom, and had to just now pull over on the side of the high-road and run into a forest through the side of the road. Not a very pleasant experience, as anyone with intestinal issues can related to.

Over the road of the next few years, I went to instructor after doctor, trying to figure through what was still wrong with my paunch. The diagnosis from most of them was ‘carry to the ledger infectious IBS’, basically some untreatable shape of irritable bowel syndrome that happens in the pattern of treating some other type of contagium. In my case, the treatment on this account that my c. diff infection, including all the rounds of antibiotics, led to the IBS.

I was told sooner or later to basically just accept it, as there’s not much they could answer to treat it. And that’s basically what I did for the next four or five years.

The Microbiota

Up till recently, it was believed that the contribution of the bacteria in our intestines (the microbiota) was basically useless. But examination over the past few years, thanks mostly in part to new 16S RNA sequencing technology, has led the realization that these bacteria are not no other than important, but may very well subsist implicated in many of the new ‘diseases of civilization’ such in the same manner with diabetes, obesity, IBS, Crohn’s, and but also Parkinson’s disease.

Many people remember the Human Genome Project. It was an international effort to decode the human genetic collection of laws, which held the promise of a less ill understanding of human diseases. The hope was that through that effort, we could be the first to find new and effective ways to handle and prevent modern disease. Unfortunately that be prominent was basically a bust – it showed that we are wholly share roughly 99% of our genome, and that the remaining 1% didn’t certainly seem to do much to shed any light on disease.

As it turns not at home, in terms of sheer numbers, the bacteria in our narrow pass have roughly 10 times the genetic physical than our own genome. So it’s entirely possible that when we went looking during the source of modern disease via the Human Genome Project, we went looking in the immoral place.

About a year ago I stumbled concerning a service called uBiome that uses cutting edge 16S RNA sequencing technology to resolve a stool sample and determine the constitution of bacteria in the gut. This technology has opened up stupendous new avenues of research over the hold out few years, and has helped the medicinal community start to unravel the mysteries of the microbiota and in what condition each bacteria possibly influences health.

For pattern, most lean people contain Bifidobacterium viewed like well as a bacteria called Akkermansia Muciniphilia – these are often absent in obese people. One role of Akkermansia is to form a impediment in the gut and stop strange bodies from entering the blood. Lack of this bacteria well-suited contributes to what naturopaths call “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, to what the gut doesn’t have tight junctions excepting instead allows foreign material to pass. Recent research into obesity has shown that at its fortitude seems to be an elevated horizontal line of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) in the relationship which leads to systemic low-stage inflammation. Where does LPS come from? The cell walls of gram-negative bacteria in the narrow pass. I could probably write several posts lawful about this ailment, but I’ll digress for the time being.

Since I knew I even now had gut issues at this condition, I thought it would be a unfeigned idea to do a uBiome proof and see just what my embowel looked like from a bacterial vista. My first sample came back and showed that I was roughly in the lowest part 14% of all people in stipulations of diversity (diversity is usually a advantageous metric to evaluate the health of some ecosystem).

For the next five months, I cluster out to determine if I could improve my disembowel health mostly just by modifying my diet. I started captivating prebiotics, which are beneficial fermentable fibers that some bacteria like to eat, and probiotics, pills that keep in check bacteria such as bifidobacterium. I also ate a lot of yogurt, and started form and consuming naturally fermented foods similar as sauerkraut and kimchi. The current insight, at least in naturopath circles, is that this union of foods and functional foods should bear led to an improvement.

Each month for the time of that period I did another uBiome specimen, and took stock of any improvements (or be in want of improvements in my gut). In inexact, my overall gut health didn’t make some ~ in. very much during those months, and my uBiome diversity bounced between 4% and 20%, through an average of about 10%. So basically despite my best efforts over a phrase of five months, I was incapable to make any real impact in my disembowel diversity or any of my symptoms. It was time because another approach.

Fecal Microbiota Transplant

One of the ut~ effective treatments for a c. diff pest these days is a fecal microbiota transplant (FMT). Basically you take the evacuation from a donor, extract the beneficial bacteria, and at that time transplant it into a patient with c. diff. The bacteria in the donor’s discharge then immediately start to augment the bacteria in the lenient, often re-establishing the defence mechanisms that normally preserve against a c. diff. infection (in the put in a box of a c. diff infection, it appears that principally people become susceptible when an antibiotic disrupts the gut’s facility to generate secondary bile acids. These gall acids keep c. diff at bay, and the damage of the beneficial bacteria that create anew primary bile acids into secondary ones enterprise c. diff to take hold and proliferate).

The help rate for c. diff with a simple FMT is about 90% – that’s remoter greater than any of the current antibiotic treatments so as flagyl or vancomycin. For three back-to-back FMT procedures, the restorative rate is close to 97% – within a little a home run as far of the same kind with treatments go for any disease. The specific rate is in fact so elevated that during one study they had to intermission it prematurely because it would be delivered of been unethical to continue to allow c. diff patients in the forward arm of the study (those who weren’t having FMT) to remain to die when such an efficacious treatment was available.

While treatments on the side of IBS and Crohn’s disease using FMT are serene in their infancy (but they are subsistence investigated), I was very convinced (based ~ward all the research I had interpret to date) that since my eviscerate problems started with a c. diff contagium that perhaps a FMT would once for all restore my gut to its antecedent healthy state.

Unfortunately here in Canada a character can only receive a FMT grant that they test positive for c. diff. Since I nay longer do, I started investigating other options. I ended up stumbling with a FMT clinic in Argentina known during the time that the Newbery Clinic, and contacted Dr. Silvio Najt on account of an initial Skype consultation.

Dr. Najt agreed that given my annals, FMT would likely be able to give a lift. So I decided to book a throw off the balance to Buenos Aires for the process, and to enjoy a little piece of sunshine. I previously spent particular months living in Buenos Aires, likewise I was really familiar with the city and the culture. If anyone is making allowance for going to Argentina, I highly attract favor to it as it’s one of my favourite places that I’ve visited in the terraqueous globe.

The Procedure

Flying to Argentina

Flying to Argentina

I arrived in Buenos Aires for about 18 hours of travelling, and met Dr. Najt at the clinic a small in number days later. Starting then, I admitted five FMT procedures over a round of two weeks, each of that took about 60 minutes total from call forth to finish.

Each person reacts to FMT a paltry different, and I got to oral intercourse to a few other patients season there about their experiences as well. For me, I noticed I had a pleasant fever for a few days following my first procedure, which seems to subsist fairly common (you are after every part of injecting your body with a bunch of foreign bacteria).

Since bacteria like to mump on fiber, I switched to a distinguished fiber diet roughly around the same time I started the procedures. Unfortunately on this account that me, this caused a lot of digestive anguish, both before and after the course. If I could go back in time, I apparently would have upped my fiber peace at this time, but not to the bulk I did.

I didn’t in fact notice much of a change in articles of agreement of my gut health during my pair week visit. I had some days in what place things seemed slightly improved, and other days in which place I seemed to spend a hap of time in the bathroom. Dr. Najt checked in by me every day or so, and kept an eye on how things were going and besides helped to manage expectations. After the procedures were past, I hopped back on an airplane and headed back to devoid of warmth Vancouver weather, with hopefully a starting a~ and improved gut that hadn’t shown itself completely yet.

The Results

Everyone I’m infallible at this point is really unique to know what the end be derived was for me. It’s been roughly 10 months as I had the FMT procedure completed in Buenos Aires, and it’s been tolerably amazing just how much has improved before this then.

In terms of my symptoms, I’ve gone from going to the bathroom 5 or 6 seasons a day to usually just one time a day now. I used to own a lot of foods which would cause me digestive distress, such as tonsils and grapes, neither of which incitement me any issues anymore. In reality, there aren’t any foods at entirely now that cause me any issues. So in provisions of my post-infectious IBS, I’m pleasing confident in saying that I’m cured.

FMT Results

FMT Results

In stipulations of my gut diversity, uBiome shows that I’ve gone from roughly 10% variety from before the FMT to 88% divergence as of my last test. Stated some other way, I was in the seat 10% of most people in terms of gut health, and am since in the top 12%. You have power to see the first five points in successi~ that graph from the period of time previous to the FMT, and the steady clamber in diversity upwards since having it.

I guess I’ll continue to have some positive gains over the next few months, but certainly the procedure seems to be seized of significantly improved my gut diversity being of the cl~s who evidenced by the 16S RNA sequencing data that uBiome does. I also wish reacquired several important bacteria such like bifidobacterium longum and more recently, akkermansia. I’ve added a hardly any more fiber sources to my diet lately, as well as resistant starch (the two from whole foods), so I am selfish to see if there’s steady more improvement on my next uBiome test.


One aspect of my data that stands out to me is that contemptuous opposition five months of a eating real healthy diet (containing lots of prebiotics and probiotics, yogurt and fermented foods), I was powerless to cause any significant improvement in my narrow pass health (as measured by uBiome) or perceive any improvement in my symptoms. So I would hypothesize that granting that a person has a very dysbiotic embowel, FMT may in fact be the but long-term solution that leads to meaningful results, or at least the only solution that leads to results put ~ a practical time scale. It’s like breaking your arm – you can chafe as much polysporin as you destitution on it, but until someone sets the bone and puts a air on it, it’s never going to restore properly.

Another aspect to take report of us that it has taken well-nigh a full year to realize the replete improvements from the FMT. So whether anyone has recently had one or is debating having individual, I think you should manage your expectations in provisions of short term improvements.

Some people may question whether or not this operation is safe. It’s a upright question, even though FMT has every impeccable safety record so far. But the verity is that we are sharing bacteria by other people all the time – whenever we touch them, when we kiss them, and at the time that we use public toilets. I would dispute that this procedure, despite having one ‘ick factor’, isn’t in fact much different than needing a pint of common derivation in a hospital.

For me nevertheless, I’m happy I had the process done, and that after seven or eight years of having place-infectious IBS, am mostly cured at this cape. Given the amount of diseases that are continuing to have ~ing linked to a disturbed microbiota, it’s real to know that my gut is at once probably as healthy as its for aye been. And in fact since my donor was breast fed and that I wasn’t, I may in like manner have a healthier gut than I started through at this point.

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