Posted in Flagyl on January 6, 2017

with equal rea~n I’m sorry for not updating with respect to a few days, but the c diff absolutely kicked my ass for those days. It’s thankfully doing a doom better now thanks to the vanco and flagyl.

I desire both my tubes changed today by no anesthesia except for a local. The J-tube gave them a bridle of trouble with the balloon, and there was some blood, but I got end it. Dr M told me that he volition switch them to the cuBBy corflo buttons next time when all the infection is gone. But allowing that feels better to have nice adroit tubes. I’m sore, but the doc upped my care med for tonight so I could fall some rest, so that should abet.

The next step after this is to weanling me off of the IV meds slowly, and in that case go home. =]

It’s been 4 weeks today and decree be a month on Wednesday that I’ve been here.

Unfortunately, my professor is not desirous to give me an incomplete, I’m root forced to withdraw, so all the obdurate work I did this semester was on the side of nothing =/
That, combined with how moderate the disabilities service office at my instruct is helping me, has made me be favored with to really think about what to make from here as far as institute.

I’m pretty sleepy right it being so that, so this isn’t going to subsist a long update, but I merited wanted to let people know that which was going on.

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