Posted in Flagyl on January 12, 2017

Our cat who’d been having diarrhea as we came back home continued to exist sick, to where we couldn’t wait notwithstanding a home visit from my vet loved. Hubby brought her in, and she was inefficacious enough she didn’t fight against the exam or labs. Thankful on account of that, since sedating her is likewise risky. She’s in stage 2 of long duration renal failure, along with fighting a kidney corruption and pancreatitis based on the ultrasound. Also ~y awful-looking left conjunctivitis and it being so that the sniffles. Somehow she’s doing in a superior manner now, thanks to taking her meds in Pill Pockets. She is fighting us more now though, we’re at 4 extinguished of 10 days of subcutaneous fluids at home and she is getting eye ointment 3 times a sunshine too. I swear this cat has been ~ward death’s door at least 5 epochs in her almost 16 years.

I took her brother in conducive to a routine exam and recheck of his hyperthyroidism. Was one who sucks-punched in the gut when the vet quietly asked me whether we’d noticed his pupils vital principle asymmetric. Holy s***, I look and yea, his right pupil is at least 1 mm larger than the left. I institute to feel sick to my bear and teary as she finishes his exam. She mentions sensation a mass in his belly, and asks if he’s been constipated. No, granting that anything all we’ve seen are a little sloppy poops in the box. Several century dollars later, he’s had replete set of blood and urine and good body X-rays. There’s a coin of poop visible but not in the kitchen-yard she’s concerned about. There’s more spots in the lungs that are suitable metastases. Presumptive diagnosis is lymphoma, with metastases in his brain that are causing the pupil asymmetry. We declined to proceed by ultrasound, biopsy, and chemo – it doesn’t feel right in our hearts (or with regard to our wallets, frankly). He’s it being so that on Prednisone and Flagyl for indicative treatment.

Overnight, C starts crying and coughing a parcel, and after the second time, I gave up and laid on the ground with her on the mattress in her stead. I’d been fighting sniffles because a while, which got worse today through cough and an awful-feeling throat, probably thanks to all the lamenting and lack of sleep. I could to all appearance make it into work this afternoon, granting it’d be tough with not abundant voice, so I called out conducive to my sanity.

So now, we wait… conducive to the cats to tell us it’s their time.

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