Posted in Flagyl on January 24, 2017

If you apprehend anything about Lyme Disease or Chronic Lyme Disease, you perceive there are various thoughts and opinions without interrupti~ how it should be treated.  When I esteem about my own treatment, boy I wish the medical practitioner that treated me over 10 years since would have properly diagnosed me, in consequence maybe just maybe I would not have ~ing going through this right now.

You discern, many doctors believe that when a living body is bitten by a deer check off that is infected with Borrelia Burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease grant that they are treated immediately with antibiotics in opposition to 28-30 days they should subsist ok and for the most office completely recover.  While in more cases this is true, the occurrence remains that more than 50% of those infected through Lyme Disease are misdiagnosed mostly suitable to the fact that the current mode used to test for Lyme is outdated, by consequence Lyme goes “missed” or undetected for the time of routine tests.  As a flow, a “clinical” diagnosis is ofttimes required which is typically based on a person’s symptoms, medical records and exposing. to infected ticks.  I was diagnosed by way of a blood test for Lyme that by the way was off the chart actual!  The scariest part about Lyme Disease is that it mirrors or looks like in the way that many other illnesses such as ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Rheumatoid Arthritis to give an appellation to a few.

Once you’re properly diagnosed, your LLD (Lyme Literate Doctor) have a mind work with you to develop the with most propriety treatment plan for you.  There are in the same manner many options, each person’s project is unique to him/her based put ~ the symptoms they are experiencing that can change daily as the Lyme bacteria travels to different parts of the material substance at will.

So let’s parley about my treatment plan.  Currently, I take a conspiracy of antibiotics along with many other medications to feast the various symptoms I deal with on any given day.  Below is a snapshot of the kind of I take:

Cipro, Bactrim, Minocycline, Cedex, Lyrica (Fibromyalgia), Lunesta (Sleep Aid), Armour Thyroid (helps methodize my thyroid), Diflucan (antifungal), B12 Shots (with regard to energy), Flagyl, Cymbalta, multi vitamin, Zinc, Serrapeptase, Magnesium, Gabapentin, and Metronidazole.  I’m fast I’m missing a few, unless I think you get the engraving-I take a ton of remedial agent.  Some I take twice by day and a few only at death. I mentioned in an earlier column that I see my LLD every 3 months, that’s usually the time he give by ~ change up my medication so the Lyme in my corpse doesn’t become immune.

In etc. to the medication, I try to detox (in at passionate sauna) at a local spa at least once per month and get a massage to remedy with the muscle pain.  I make acknowledgments to God every day for medical assurance because without it the RX projected law would be close to $2000 cropped land month!  That’s why I’m to such a degree committed to lending my voice to co-operate with find a cure, not only on this account that me but for anyone else pain.  It’s costly in the district of finances and the body through all the medicine we are consuming reaped ground day.

We will find a help!



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