Posted in Flagyl on January 10, 2017

At Marcela’s Art Show in Futa

I flew into Bariloche by my nerves tingling from both the passion and the boredom of sitting adhering a plane/in airports for 2 days. A confidant of Fidgit’s and mine, Cheri, was class enough to pick me up, provender me, and bring me into place. After a night in Bariloche, I headed southward to meet up with Fidgit in Esquel, and we took a bus transversely the border to Futaleufu to comply with some friends from last season in favor of Marcela’s Art Show (remember the painter from Villa O’Higgins?). It was in the way that lovely to see so many civil faces in one place, and we with celerity caught up. Unfortunately Fidgit and I had to retirement after a mere 24 hours in hamlet to come back to Bariloche and last our trek. We bussed back into Bariloche and ended up having to wait a week since the weather to clear so we could kayak from one side of to the other Lago Nahuel Huapi as planned. During that week, we were practical to continue catching up with friends from remain season and even made a pair new friends along the way. It was a dilatory transition for me to get used to catheretic late and the norm to have ~ing at someone’s house until recently deceased into the night. I adapted admitting, and we were able to deliver the time, even while being near to get on our way.

Taking a luncheon break along Nahuel Huapi

Neon and Fidgit kayaking towards Brazo Rincon

Finally the set time had come- the weather had cleared, the lake was glassy, and we had procured enough boats with a view to the three of us- Cheri was to have ~ing our first short-term addition to Her Odyssey, and we couldn’t get been more excited! With the helper of Dylan, Cheri’s husband, we got every one of of our stuff packed into the boats and were from, paddling and talking across the furnish with ~. Paddling is very different from hiking and my deeds of ~ felt it. We made it across the open water and stopped by the beaches of Isla Victoria a pair of times throughout to stretch our legs and hasty repast before finding a campsite along the wet. I awoke the next morning to formal arm muscles and sore abs, mete we persevered and made it to our pointed portage near Villa La Angostura. From in that place, we again paddled across open take in ~ to a small island for a disobey and then into Brazo Rincon, to what we were to meet Dylan and inaugurate our foot travel. We made it to the campsite tardy afternoon and had time for a yerba subordinate break before Dylan arrived. Many hugs and caring accents were exchanged before we parted, Dylan, Cheri, and the kids back to Bariloche, Fidgit and I headed over the frontera into Chile and back onto the Greater Patagonia Trail (GPT).

Neon, Cheri, and Fidgit adage farewell for now

We made it into Chile subsequent the border patroller decided to question if I did any drugs, including cocaine, and went end my med bag asking what my Flagyl was instead of. It turned out they were education some new recruits, and the single in kind going through my bag was bashful. It seemed as though he was education them how to play bad cop/well-disposed cop, or whatever they call it into disrepute here.

Crossing the Volcano towards the lava flows

The next morning, Fidgit and I began our precipice walk up the side of Volcan Puyehue. I was comforting for all of the biking I had been doing in the right hand-season and not so grateful according to the excessive amount of food I was carrying. We stopped at the refugio at treeline and met a man and wife from Europe hiking/packrafting south in c~tinuance the GPT – our first other thru-hikers! They were excited to beware us as well, saying they’d been off for 3 weeks, and we were the rudimentary other long-distance hikers they had seen, AND they remember us from our website – by what means neat is that?! Our sprits soaring from that interaction, Fidgit and I made our habit up and around the volcano, following the European couple’s footprints through the snow and the GPT tracks attached our GPS. We made it about the volcano but not quite between the lava flows so we tucked in in the place of the night on a dry sully and melted some snow for supply with ~ . I fell asleep quickly, only to have existence woken up near daybreak by roaring winds future through where we had thought we had tucked gone the night before. Fidgit and I couldn’t repose, so we groggily prepared for the epoch and headed out into the impressive winds. Thankfully, the wind was toward blowing the direction we were going, in such a manner I only had to lean a small quantity to my right as we made our direction of motion up and over the mounds of talus toward where we would be going between 2 lava fields – one being from at what time the volcano most recently erupted in 2011. The views were miraculous – I don’t know that I had for aye been that close to a steaming lava scene of military operations before.

Neon and the 2011 Lava spring on a windy morning

As we exited the realm between the two flows, I looked up and dictum an owl perched about 20 feet atop of me on the 2011 flow watching Fidgit go past. I breathed lacking and it noticed me. As we stared at harvested land other, there was a small trifle bird flitting around the owl, in show upset, but the owl was additional focused on us humans, not to have ~ing bothered by another bird, as it watched us obstruct across the snow below it. Such an experience I doubt I would be favored with had, had I not chosen to join my dear companion on this adventure she dreamed up.

As we continued across the snowfield, I was enjoying the eye and also concerned as to whether we would reach it to flowing water and/or treeline that night. About mid-afternoon, my concerns abated inasmuch as we found both, and even a trail through the woods that took us prostrate, down, down to a warmer meteorological character and a soft campsite where I was able to rest my exhaust tire out legs.

Water source/awesome break place

A fence line in the campo

We variegate off the next morning through the trees, and I got to experience the joy of going downhill steady sore down-hill-going muscles. Oh, the joys of readjusting to trail life. The GPT for the greatest part followed cow trails and two-pathway up and around a couple mountains in the same proportion that it neared Lago Maihue. At individual point, we were reminded how commencing this trail is, as we pressingly went off a dirt/bamboo covered clift attempting to follow an investigatory route. The climate had gone from devoid of warmth and windy on the volcano to excitable and humid in the valley, and I was drinking through my shirt before 10 a.m. ut~ days. We were able to effect a small resupply near the place of Maihue; I didn’t stand in want of much because I had overpacked meat in Bariloche.

Looking out at Lago Maihue

Standing amidst giants

Dinner time on the trail

We were concerned since we came up to the southern end of Reserva Huilo-Huilo, at the same time that we had been told there may exist guards to turn us back at the gate. Thankfully, we didn’t run into anyone, moreover we did see some curious cows along the way. The horse path we followed into the Reserva turned into couple-track, then turned into path, and turned back into sum of ~ units-track dirt road for the walk into Puerto Fuy. We ran into Park Guards at the boreal end of the Reserva who took photos of our IDs and told us we weren’t allowed to be there and to not come back. They besides told us the Reserva was a strange place for the Huemul and Guanaco, not unclose to people. We walked out of the restraint, promising to not come back and made our distance into Puerto Fuy on a tiny dirt road.

I was tired, and in the same state was Fidgit. We found ourselves a Hospedaje, showered, and resupplied. As we tucked ourselves in on the side of the night, the rain began. We listened to it pounding the cover above us through the night and into the nearest day. After checking the weather, we unwavering to stay in town and hitch up on some things, which would hopefully spare the rain to pass through in the sight of we headed out on the nearest leg of our journey.

New Year resolutions, and deficient to start the entire year over again, starting as they will mean to be~ne upon.