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From the kind of I read, low HCL is linked to h pylori – it thrives in humble stomach acid, so I don’t ruminate taking HCL during a course of flagyl would be a bad thing at all, and verily it sounds like you could wholly likely need to take HCL put ~ an ongoing basis – it might back keep h pylori at bay.

I don’t know anything about triple therapy. I confer know that drugs in general because of all their “side effects‘” (genuine effects) scare me. I assume make threefold therapy is a 3-drug cocktail of some sort? Whenever possible I try to light upon alternative methods – e.g., food rank diatomaceous earth is supposed to have ~ing very effective against all sorts of parasites. You have to make sure it’s viands grade, not the stuff they barter for swimming pools. Also black walnut, ginger and wormwood are operative against some parasites, and pau d’arco is supposed to subsist good.

In my experience doctors virtuous hand out drug after drug often creating havoc in their wake! Good casualty –


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Hi Mary,

Thanks since the feedback. I’m totally adverse to pharmaceuticals too & feel antibiotics are in some measure why I’m in this mess to begin with. However I take done many rigorous cleanses (including fawner ones), fasts & what not across the years & yet these infections sojourn unscathed. I take wormwood, cloves, marshmallow etymon, turmeric, oil of oregano, pau d’arco etc regularly & my careful search shows that the natural approach doesn’t moil on bugs like b. hominis these days considered in the state of they’ve developed resistant strains. I’ve besides been taking fossil shell flour & myrh to ~t any avail.

It is a drug cocktail such to speak of anti-protozoa & antibiotic drugs – yikes!

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