Posted in Flagyl on January 13, 2017


If I could lend it I would probably have gone as antidote to the bifido maximus…ine-hospitable-and-d-lactate-free-probiotic-reconsider/ and biolactis (l casei shirota since a powder) but I cannot in the same manner I am using a mixture of the kyolic 9 be ~ed and life extensions mood and yakult cultured at the same time that a yoghurt. (which does not have a smack like a yoghurt, but I mingle it with matcha or cocoa and that makes it ok).

I be an intelligent being from listening to grace liu (who designed the bifido maximus with custom probiotics) that to establish the bifidos you be in want of much large doses 100s of billions. As I cannot support to do that with the probiotic capsules I take been culturing them on soy.

Unlike you I am to a reduced state in e coli so I moreover use symbioflor 2 made up similar to a soy drinking yoghurt which tastes foppish good, but I still tend to adject the matcha.

The symbioflor 2 and mutaflor doses in study are quite a bit smaller than the ones I am using, limit my ecoli was undetectable and I understand that Dr Myhill recommends culturing mutaflor put ~ soy or some other protein containing milk or milk choice .

I have also got some l. ruteri protectis. I am in OZ in the same manner I bought the Blackmore’s reading (made under license from BioGaia) of it ~-end if you are in the states or europe you could achieve the BioGaia version. Its not to be turned to account on iHerb but you can increase it from amazon.

I understand that you work not need a lot of it. Somewhere in my reading (probably on Ken’s site) I base that a tablet every second promised time was as effective as a troche every day.

re clostridium butyricum I would proper get the miyarisan if that is ok. It has a well qualified reputation. Indeed I will probably render that eventually but I am concerned on the point my low e coli.

I know that ken finds prescript assist and equilibrium useful, and I am interested in hard to bear to get my head around his suggested path. But at the moment I am suitable dealing with the b hominis, and determination look at the others if I stand in want of to once this infection is dealt with.

We have a program called the Sage Screening Program that is supported ~ means of your money, taxpayer’s circulating medium, and funding from other organizations like the American Cancer Society to covenant free mammograms to women who mitigate.