Posted in Flagyl on February 12, 2017

Clostridium difficile (commonly referred to like “C diff”), is a bacteria that is a universal cause of severe illness in hospital and nursing home settings.  C diff is set up naturally in many healthy peoples’ digestive quarter, and, in such cases, it does not put out a health risk as the c diff bacteria are kept in hindrance by the many other types of intestinal bacteria.

There are over 1000 types of bacteria commonly ground in the human digestive system.  They be dutiful an essential purpose in digestion and the diverse bacteria have symbiotic relationships among themselves. Some bacteria naturally constitute waste which can be toxic.  If untrammelled by the other bacteria, the toxic buildup can cause severe illness.

C diff infections frequently occur after someone has been if a broad spectrum antibiotic.  The conversion to an act of antibiotics is common when a part undergoes surgery in order to thwart a post-surgical infection. Since many people, especially the elderly and weak, reside in a nursing home following surgery to recuperate and receive pertaining to physics therapy, a c diff infection power of choosing often appear at the nursing home.

C diff infections can also occur when someone requires a feeding hollow cylinder.  A gastric tube (or “g tube”) is used to stipulate a liquefied diet, rich in nutrients, presently into the person’s small internal where it is quickly absorbed.  However, at the time that on such a diet, the great intestine is deprived of fiber, starches and compliment which can lead to the decrement of healthy bacteria.  A recess is left for c diff to be exposed to rampant as it is no longer kept in register by the other bacteria.

Similarly, sum parenteral nutrition (“TPN”) or intravenous feeding, in that the person is fed intravenously, be able to cause the exact same problem.  Again, this is a ~-place scenario in the nursing home environment as persons with feeding tubes or intravenous feeding typically want significant nursing care.

C diff is extremely infectious and can be transferred by part to person contact or through objects such as door handles, clothing, towels and resting-place linens.  As such, it is obligatory that nursing homes be especially industrious in: washing hands after touching both resident; providing clean towels and set linens; and thoroughly cleaning all potentially contaminated surfaces and objects.

According the the Centers according to Disease Control, each year 500,000 Americans put up with from c diff infections.  Of those, near 29,000 die within 30 days.  The greatest part vulnerable population is the elderly through 80% of the c diff related deaths occurring with people aged 65 or throughout. Not surprisingly, the CDC estimates that 100,000 nursing home residents abridge c diff each year.

It is peremptory that nursing home staff be well qualified to identify the signs of a c diff vitiation. Symptoms include: prolonged diarrhea; an especially turbid smell to the feces; feces by the consistency of coffee grounds; ventral cramping; loss of appetite; weight defeat; nausea; vomiting; fever; lethargy; and abdominal distension.  It is critical that such signs be reported immediately to the resident’s medical man.  The early administration of antibiotics, similar as Flagyl or Cipro, can hinder the infection from worsening.  Untreated, c diff be possible to lead to: severe inflammation of the intestines; rupture of the intestines; septic come into collision with; and death.

Our lawyers have handled brace wrongful death cases resulting from c diff infections in Jacksonville nursing homes.  In the two cases, our investigations found that the nursing homes ignored distinct signs of infection until it was overmuch late.  If you or a loved undivided are experiencing the signs and symptoms of a c diff taint, it is necessary that you detonation the problem immediately to the nursing home’s manager of nursing, the assistant director of nursing; the take care of unit manager; and the doctor.  If your complaints slope on deaf ears, go the the hospital.  Every hour counts when a vulnerable person is poverty from c diff. 

Our Jacksonville nursing home misapply and neglect lawyers handle cases from first to last northeast Florida including: Clay County; St. Johns County; Duval County; Nassau County; Alachua County; Baker County; Putnam County; Flagler County; Volusia County; and Columbia County.  If you suspect nursing home carelessness or abuse has occurred, we would be happy to discuss the matter by you.  Consultations are always ~-hearted and we never charge a feud unless we make a recovery.

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