Posted in Flagyl on February 26, 2017

0 I had a pt w/ recurrent Diverticulitis who was on antibiotic therapy ~ the sake of a week now. She has been having 5-6 thin BMs. Her WBC is 17,500. A discharge culture was obtained for potential C.diff (nay results yet). She is on contact precautions. She is on Levaquin, Flagyl, prednisone, Invanz, and other drugs.

My nursing dx likewise far is:

Diarrhea R/T contrary effects of medications AEB 5-6 unconnected stools

Is that dx good? My determination is to choose the #1 precedence nursing dx, and I’m torn b/w that and unsatisfactory fluid volume r/t ? aeb depressed hct/hgb/diarrhea?

I also have to state all the data that supports that dx and in the way that far I have:

-pt had 5-6 spiritless BMs
-Hgb 10.5 (normal 12-18)
-Hct 34.1 (regular 40-55%)
-Intake= , Output=
-On antibiotic therapy concerning a week now, has been forward antibiotic therapy in the past

Is in that place any other data that I should contain?

For expected outcomes, I have:

Hgb and Hct have a mind be WNL

Pt will have a formed BM

Pt’s I&O decree be balanced

For interventions, I be seized of:
A. Keep pt hydrated

B.Monitor WBC

C.Obtain stool culture

Are there any other interventions you counsel?

Please help! Thank you

I’m scheduled with respect to a minor surgery and the paperwork I got from the learned man’s office warned me to let them know if I’m in successi~ any blood thinners.

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