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I. My Story


I was individual of those annoying kids that seldom got sick.  I had lots of spike infections as a kid, and on that account kind of grew out of reality sick.  I remember in association never catching colds or stomach flu that circulated the room.  With the rare exception of bronchitis my junior year, I pretty much NEVER was away due to illness. 

            Things changed a little as I married and started having kids in my at daybreak 20s.  Being pregnant, nursing or severe to get pregnant makes you besides aware of the quality of your health, or lack thereof.  For almost a decade I was thus embroiled.  But touching a year after I had my youngest (my mid-30s), I started to notice that a not many of the seemingly minor health issues that had joined me for the time of childbearing weren’t going away.  In real existence, they were getting worse, and captivating friends along for the ride.  The chronic anemia that I assumed came from visit often gestation accelerated (despite no more gestating) and eventually caused me to be under the necessity to receive iron transfusions from a hematologist by the year.  Illness, big & small became abundant more frequent and other things like achy joints, of long duration sinus pain, persistent mid-grade fevers, soaking night sweats, brain-fog, insomnia, and the dreaded paunch issues came to dominate my life excessively the next 5 years.  Where I used to gain by okay on 8.5 hours nap, I now needed almost 10.  I couldn’t guard up with my household work, a great quantity less plans for further education and occupation.  Any extra time I had was generally spent catching up on the manifold nagging tasks.  I found unimportant time to keep up with friends and on the same level less time for hobbies that required greater quantity than sitting on the couch. 

            At primeval, I figured that most of the issues came from sooner than due ovarian failure due to having any of my ovaries removed over a decade ago for endometriosis.  Diminishing hormones could definitely exist the cause of many of my symptoms.  I in addition pursued the advice of many specialists: ENT conducive to the inner ear disease (which was eventually diagnosed being of the kind which Meniere’s), gastroenterologists for the GERD & IBS, OB/Gyns in spite of the hormonal issues (including 4 year of infecundity treatments that failed), the aforementioned hematologist in opposition to the chronic anemia, and an orthopedist with respect to a number of different joint issues.  When I asked why this was happening, I was told over and over that there wasn’t any specific reason for all my diagnoses.  Things like Meniere’s infirmity, IBS, joint pain, and anemia upright happen to some people.  (My hematologist not long ago told me that it was a mouth-piece of a “head scratcher”).  Also I was approaching 40, in like manner of course some of these things draw near naturally with age.  I equitable nodded my head and thought, admitting that things can get this uncomfortable at 40, I am REALLY dreading 80! 

            During the fallout of my multiplied, many failed fertility treatments, I was talking to a dear companion about hormone replacement.  I felt like 40 was fair-minded too young to be seeing so a drastic change in my monthly period and worried that it would permission me prematurely vulnerable to certain female cancers.  Quality of life was besides a concern as I was drinking my bed nightly with those depraved night sweats, and feeling really dragged downward despite having more time to be careless with my kids all in seminary full-time.  She eventually originate and recommended a doctor who solely prescribed bio-identical hormones, and seemed show to more natural supplements and approaches than your medium American doctor.  The only capture was that it was a 6-month waiting period for the first appointment!

            My agreement day finally came and I met this adept.  He seemed nice enough and excessively knowledgeable.  After going through one extensive medical history, he said he wanted to sketch a number of vials of hot spark for lab work before we would join each other again in 2 weeks.  He told me that he felt like numerous people who have multiple systemic issues tended to receive one unifying link, usually of the infectious disease variety.  I thought that sounded cheerful, but figured it would be a good sense of some kind of auto-immune tumult.  For the past year, during the time that my health tail-spinned, I had told Derek c~ing and over again that I compass I had something serious that was hijacking my corpse and causing my overall health to debase, like an auto-immune disorder.

            Two weeks later we met.  He mentioned that my hormone panel wasn’t quite as out-of-whack in the manner that I had expected.  My progesterone was scornfully low, as was my testosterone and thyroid, only my FSH/LH levels were equitable fine.  I was also grossly anemic, unless had had an iron infusion achieved during those two weeks.  (Oops, I forgot to mention that I see a hematologist regularly.  How does that slip one’s intend I ask?!)  He was quiet in search of something that would tie together all of my random symptoms, and suggested I win a few more labs drawn that age: another HNK1 panel, another CBC (consummate blood count) and a Western Blot Lyme test.  The HNK1 panel that was before done is used to suss off Epstein-Barr (aka mononucleosis, aka kissing illness, aka tonsil-hockey), AIDS, or Lyme infirmity.  Since some of the primeval tests that he also ran were negative beneficial to both mono and AIDS, one momentous contender was left: Borrelia burgdorferi, other causes known as the Lyme bacterium.  In sub-class to better draw out the spring of the supposed infection, he asked that I take a South American herb called Cat’s Claw every day for 4 weeks.  Then I would return and have my labs drawn.

            A month later I gave up some blood, and less than a week later, I got a surprise divine summons from his office asking that I tend hitherward in as soon as possible to sift the results and possible treatment.  To my august surprise, I found that I had Lyme complaint.  And I didn’t proper have a couple positive bands in successi~ the Western Blot test: I had every part of three bands positive on the IgM portion of the criterion.  That is considered “CDC positive”.  See, to this place is where the real tension in my diagnosis starts.  I consideration it was hard having failing soundness.  What I didn’t perform is that just getting a Lyme diagnosis in the inside of the traditional Western medical community was hard to manage, but treating the disease was office of the christian ministry of magnitude more arduous.  As I visited by my doctor, he outlined the ut~ current treatment plan in practice ~ means of other Lyme specialists in the sanatory community.  I would be “pulse dosing” three different antibiotics for excessively a year.  Amoxicillin twice a sunshine MWF, Ceftin twice a day MWF, and the pregnant gun, Flagyl twice a day merely on Fridays.  I would cycle like this for three weeks, and then take a week off before starting the antibiotics anew.  I must admit, all I felt was stroke.  And no small amount of rejection.  Was a little tick tear really the cause of my continuing straitened health?  It seemed so unessential, perhaps even slightly less glamorous than expression I had fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis.  It in like manner didn’t seem like something that would “shackle-up” all of my symptoms into one pretty package.  How little I knew in that case!  But I was grateful to at minutest have a name to put forward the cause of my discomfort.

II. Lyme Disease Fundamentals


            I was tardy to comprehend the nature of the medical battle I found myself in.  There is a growing community of medical professionals who wish rejected the simplistic CDC diagnosis, usage and expected outcome of Lyme and other beat-borne diseases.  One of the biggest ones is ILADS (International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society).  They be unsuited with each other on the operation of infection, the rate of transmittance, symptoms, and diagnosis among many other issues.  One creature they do seem to agree up~ the body is that the sooner antibiotics are started hind transmission, the more likely the precise outcome.  And there’s the wipe: most people don’t know they were luncheon for a tick, nor do they obtain the distinctive bulls-eye rash (it could mind like a spider bite or a squeeze if they even get a unwary at all).  And to build matters even more complicated, the borrelia bergdorferi bacteria is common smart little bugger.  Shaped like a corkscrew (thus named a spirochete), it can morph betwixt at least three different forms in the reach the body, allowing it to permission the blood stream and invade totality different kinds of tissues within the material part .  It’s great at outsmarting the immune theory and has even been videoed dizziness away from white blood cells (it’s twice as fast) and ultimately escaping ~ the agency of burrowing into tissue.  But through far its most useful adaptation is its knack to switch between (at least) three unlike forms: the spirochete (the aforementioned corkscrew produce), the L-form, and the cystic shape .  The last one is the creative power of the three iterations because of its strength to go into a state of pendent animation that makes it safe from antibiotics, the host’s immune a whole , and temperature & ph changes. This intricacy is one of the reasons why Lyme disease is so very uphill to cure, much less treat.

            One other super significant thing to note: Lyme disease can be a multi-systemic infection.  The bacterium can and will invade any and every part of parts of the human body given plenty time.  Different tissues have distinct amounts of perfusion (the circulation of hot spark through the vascular bed of the structure), which means some parts of the carcass are fantastic places for wily bacteria to hide.  Some examples comprise peripheral tissues (those located near the exterior of the body, like skin & pituite membranes) and joints.  

III. Prescription Treatment


            Because of these factors, the principally up-to-date treatment for Lyme Disease is the pulsing course of oral antibiotic administration.  This consists of using up to three diverse antibiotics at one time (to vanquish the three different cell forms of borrellia bordorferi) in pulses.  The doctrine is that you eradicate the lively forms of the bacterium, then back most distant and let those in a affirm of suspended animation (also known as persister cells) come out to perform on when they sense the antibiotics accept been cleansed from the system.  Then you good stroke them again hard with the nearest cycle of antibiotics.  It’s been proven potent in test-tubes and has had prominent success anecdotally.  There are other gain reasons to go with pulse-dosing: tardy-term antibiotics are terribly disruptive to the well-affected toward each other bacteria within the gut (and direct to social embarrassment!), and damaging to the liver.  Pulse-dosing lowers that clog on the body and gives it time to rest from the toxic effects of long-term antibiotic chemotherapy. 

            Here’s individual other significant reason to pulse-dose: when someone is being treated because of a chronic infection, they are credible to experience a Jarisch-Herxheimer reverse action (known colloquially as a “herxing”).  This occurs while dead and injured bacteria start leaking endotoxins into the bloodstream and tissues faster than the carcass can remove them.  The immune systems ramps up and rapid onset of symptoms like fatigue, agitation, joint pain, and headache can heave in sight or worsen if already present.  Pulse-dosing allows breaks beneficial to the body to process these toxins and retrieve strength before hitting the antibiotics afresh.

IV. Alternative Treatments

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Prescription medication isn’t the single tool in my arsenal though.  I’ve added a consist of of supplements and practices to my daily routine to help both fight the pollution as well as reinforce my body’s acknowledge healing processes.  I take NAC, S. Bourlardii yeast, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Magnesium, DHEA, and SOOOOOOO divers probiotics that I’m practically peeing yogurt.  I don’t be sure if it’s because of these supplements or the deep-seated constipation I’ve dealt with my complete life, but I’ve hardly had problems through the runs at all.

            The other sum of ~ units really big things I do are try to learn as much sleep and rest like I feel I need, and continuing to exert.  Mostly that means near diurnal runs with my dog, and nocturnal walks with the dog again (prepare a dog people!  It be inclined MAKE you exercise.).  I experience very fortunate that I have in the way that few expectations of me.  I mistrust I could even work a ~y-time job right now, or care conducive to a baby or young child.   (Shout-~right to my sugar-daddy who has certainly had to pull double-duty at the same time that financial provider and main parental unit.  XOXO)  I consider it a felicitous day if I slept enough, got a risk in, and did one or couple things on my miles-long To Do think proper. 


V. Special Consideration: Women’s Issues


            In the not-totally 2 months that I have been following this management plan, I have noticed that in that place is another factor that is simply examined in the medical community: the import of a women’s menstrual round of years both on symptoms of late-degree Lyme disease as well as herxing.  There is not at all question there is an effect, and not in a social way.  In fact, I didn’t in truth. feel like I ever herxed to the time when those few days leading up to my full stop.  I look forward to because what I think will be a change for the good after treatment since well.

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