Posted in Flagyl on March 4, 2017

It’s March!  I can’t put faith in I’ve lost an entire month to my sickie-illness.  Bummer, man.

I chatted through a friend a little bit yesterday and tried my most profitably to avoid talking about anything related my three-ring shit-show.  I’ve been ignoring her considering, I dunno, September?  You may abjure I was invited to be in her nuptials, but shit happened.  She’s at the corresponding; of like kind anxiety level as my Mom and viewed like such, she sort of floats attached the outskirts of being in the know in commission to prevent a freak out.  I be stirred like an asshole for pushing her gone even if I believe it’s according to her own good.  She asked me by what mode I’m doing and I was like, “Uh, I don’t comprehend.  Okay?  Maybe?”  She was amply confused.  How does a bodily form not know how they’re doing/emotion?  I haven’t a fastening.  That’s just how it is.


Mom left early Monday morning because her manchild was in urgency of help.  He is in the procedure of having his mouth rebuilt and has to take valium foregoing to dental appointments.  Rather than asking united of my siblings who lives nearby to scud him, he demanded Mom take him, in the same state here I am.  A punk, alone in the Universe.


I started having more pretty wild abdominal pain again ready the end of the weekend, followed ~ means of another high fever.  I had every ultrasound that showed a nifty pile of funk near my surgical locality.  The evil collective was unsure grant that it was a simple abscess or on the supposition that the IC anastomosis (the place to which place my bowel was resected) had begun to hole.  A leak would have meant supplementary surgery.  Fuuuuuck.  I had a CT and it looked okay, in like manner I went to interventional radiology to acquire the abscess aspirated, then had a ungenerous drain put in.  I had to come into existence suddenly an antibiotic cocktail all over afresh and once I’m off levaquin, I be delivered of to continue low-dose flagyl concerning at least two months.  Yuck.  This is not far from the time I’m supposed to outset Remicade but apparently heart failure, in actual process infection and Remicade don’t commingle.  I don’t think anything mixes by Remicade.

I’ve still got populace breathing down my neck over my intermittent arrhythmias that refuse to respond to medication because that’s how I roll.

Migraines, muscles spasms, fuck me.  The neurologist had me switched to a various steroid a little over a week gone to treat this neurological condition I allegedly be in actual possession of called Neuromyelitis Optica.  I don’t comprehend that I agree with his charge/diagnosis.  It could be that I don’t shortness to agree with his assessment.  Not accepting a diagnosis property I don’t have it (the indisposition).

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